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We Can Handle More Types Of Documents:
Here at Ace Press We can produce multi-section reports with Mylar tabs, embossed stock, heavy-weight cover stocks, multi-color and multi-weight paper stocks.
Copy onto 9" cover stock, regular tabs,and carbonless papers, too.
Print on clear or colored transparencies for overhead presentations, overlays or for protective covers.
Insert such specialty stocks as preprinted offset color covers and full-color preprinted copies
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1-4 Color Printing
Digital Printing
Color Copying
We Have Enhancements And Options:
A productivity boosting ASF-135 Automatic Stapler Folder which can staple and fold documents.
Sixth Sense Remote Diagnostics Technology for improved uptime.
Energy Star Software for improved energy efficiency. Xerox Digital Migration Strategy for handling digital files today
Black & White Copying
Our Promise to our costumers:
"Quality, Fast Turnaround & Low Prices"
Design & Typesetting
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Please call us at 202-338-4006 for more information about your Copying project, or go to our Copy Quote page. We look forward to hearing from you.
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